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10 Deca has been your trusted and reliable tech partner for over 10 years. We fix things – from computers to WiFi. Fast, affordable, and always here to help, your go-to partner for hassle-free tech support. That's us – 10 Deca!

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Our Comprehensive Tech Support Solutions include:

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Why Choose 10 Deca

Choose 10 Deca because we've got your back! Our professional experts deliver fast, affordable support with unbiased advice. Let's team up for authentic tech support that truly makes a difference! Here’s how we’re different:


On time live support

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99.98% Customer Satisfaction Rate

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Unbiased Expert Advice

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Affordable Pricing

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Experienced & Trusted Techs

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Genuine Support with Proper Knowledge and Guidance

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What Our Clients Says

- Ryan Taylor

I've had great experiences with 10 Deca ever since I found the company. Everyone I've worked with has been nice, helpful, and fast at fixing my problems. I always recommend this company whenever you face any kind of difficulties.

- Nicholas Adams

It's always nice working with 10 Deca. They help us figure out what we need, and stay within our budget. They think out of the box to find the perfect solution for us.

- Brandon Wilson

Great bunch and even better service. Professional, friendly, and always happy to go the extra mile to make sure you have nothing to worry about.

- Emily Davis

In the past, when my computer had issues, I used to get all worried and stressed out. But now, I just count on 10 Deca, and I know they'll fix it up super fast, and they do it all from afar, without needing to come to my place. It's a relief knowing they're there to help out!

- Sarah Johnson

I've been relying on 10 Deca since the day my office printer gave up. The people at 10 Deca are pros and incredibly helpful. I strongly suggest going with them for any tech issues you might face.



Why pick 10 Deca for tech help?

10 Deca is great because we give prompt responses, affordable pricing, and easy solutions. We always think about what you need.

Can 10 Deca make my internet and router work better?

Yes! We're experts at making your internet and WiFi better. We can set up new routers, fix old ones, and make sure everything works well.

What makes 10 Deca different from other tech helpers?

10 Deca is different because we know a lot about tech but explain things in easy ways. We help with many tech problems, and we always look for new ways to help you.

How does 10 Deca help with printers?

We can help you set up a new one, fix an old one, and make sure everything works perfectly.

Does 10 Deca work with any security camera brand?

Yes! We can help with any security camera brands, including CP Plus, Blink, and more. We install them, fix problems, and even give advice on how to use them better.

Can 10 Deca fix problems with my emails?

Of course! No matter if you use AOL or Outlook, we can help you set up emails, find forgotten passwords, stop spam, and fix any problems.